Industrial heat engineering

Energy efficiency

Rising fuel and energy costs make it necessary to improve existing steam boiler plants according to their operation.

The results of a revised plant are:

  • reduction of running costs
  • reduction of C02 emissions
  • improvement in the competitiveness
  • adjustments to comply with the pollution regulation


IWT JORDAN Industrial heating technology provides solutions for individual components or to optimize your entire system.


In order to achieve the largest possible effect, the plants have to be examined and the operating parameters have to be optained.

By using data logger we can optain measurement data at the place of installation.

  • pressures                           any media
  • temperatures                   flue gases, feedwater
  • performance curves     combustion engines
  • runtimes                           aggregates
  • volumen flows               steam, water, fuels

The evaluation of the measurement data takes place after a defined term.

Afterwards actions are planed to increase the efficiency of the plant followed by the modification. Finally the plant is put into action.

All project activities come from one source.


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