Mobile steam plant boilers

Our mobile boiler house is the solution for generating energy of all sizes. The advantage of the modular design is the flexibility for our customers. The container system is transportable and thus offers the possibility of changing the installation site within a very short time. Be it as a result of a change of production location or due to an expansion of production, in which the boiler house has to give way to other operational buildings. This means that our customers always have the option of repositioning the system.

As a rule, the containers have the usual dimensions of a standard 20" or 40" sea container. Nevertheless, there is always the alternative of producing tailor-made special containers of any size. It does not matter whether it is a single, separate container or modular containers that are connected on the construction site and form a unit. In the end, all our mobile plants offer turnkey container systems:

  • Modular system technology
  • Steam generators
  • Hot water generator
  • Feedwater degassing
  • Water treatment
  • Feed water pump groups
  • Blowdown systems